A Better Way to ROI

An investment in your commercial landscape
equals a lifetime of returns.

Sustainable, safer and greener landscapes save commercial property managers on their grounds maintenance costs, improve asset value and performance, instill pride in ownership, and improve quality of life.

With a deep knowledge in landscape design, construction, horticulture, resource management, and environmental responsibility, and an exceptional commitment to personal service, Strauser is your high-performing landscape partner with the right team of experts to deliver consistent and positive results year-round.

A Better Way Solution

Our better way performance program focuses on approaches that deliver a return on investment for our clients, value-driven personal service, and attention to the health and safety of the environment.

A Better Way seeks to:

Reduce stormwater runoff, filter environmental wastes using rain gardens, improved drainage, constructed wetlands, and bioswales.
Reduce water use through the design and implementation of smart irrigation alternatives, cloud-based irrigation technologies, remote-control water-monitoring practices, water-tolerant plantings, and better landscaping techniques.
Use integrated pest management practices to monitor infestations and control disease.
Use native plants in meadows, understory plantings, and woodland edge reconstruction.
Create a healthy soil environment with beneficial microbes, naturally-derived fertilizers, soil conditioners, and compost.
Integrate and adopt renewable energy and sustainable alternatives, including LED lighting, propane, solar, battery, and robot powered equipment.


Our team of designers and planners work with you to deliver extraordinary results on your capital improvement projects. Architectural features, green improvements such as green roofs and green walls, signage, renovations, terraces, patios, walkways, parking lots, and boundary walls include leveraging the advantages of our design-build project delivery process to better manage project cost, improve accountability, and gain more economic and aesthetic value for every dollar spent.

Landscape Maintenance

A sustainable landscape is both beautiful and environmentally-friendly. Strauser’s horticultural team will keep your commercial property landscape and grounds at its best, keep occupancy and tenancy rates high, ensure that your plants and trees are thriving, and that your grounds, and your landscape’s plants and trees, are at all times and through all seasons, safe and hazard-free.


Strauser’s meadow initiative offers a changing palette of color throughout all seasons, inviting employees, customers, guests, and passers-by to enjoy the health benefits of a vibrant outdoor greenspace. Our turf-to-meadow conversion program – whereby conventional monoculture lawn grasses are replaced with native or naturalized polyculture grasses and wildflowers and strategically flowering plants – encourages biodiversity, attracts beneficial insects and pollinators, augments plant and soil health, and provides forage and habitat for songbirds, honey bees, migrating waterfowl, butterflies, and woodland wildlife.

Snow & Ice

Dependable, effective, and scalable winter management services from a team you can count on. Our Advanced Snow Professionals and our 24/7 emergency response crew is well-trained, certified, and prepared to handle extreme weather events so you don’t have to. Ask us about our budget-friendly custom snow management plan.