Outside the Box and Drilled into Your Beds

Yes, you read correctly, boxes and drills can be the start of beautiful, healthy landscapes. Planting small plant plugs now, can bear huge results in just one to two growing seasons. At Strauser, we are dedicated to always finding Better Ways for property owners and managers when facing landscape challenges. 

How can boxes and drills create a beautiful landscape, you ask? 

We have been having huge success designing, buying and planting bulk perennial plant material. Perennial plugs are delivered in cardboard boxes filled with 100’s of plants and then planted using hand drills and mini augers. It’s such a great way to make an easy task out of growing a beautiful diverse landscape. So many times people only design and plant a small amount of plants because of the resources that go into using larger potted plants. In return, you end up with large areas of wasteful open mulch and a beginner’s style landscape. That is not the case anymore when hiring Strauser. Now everyone can have plantings that turn any bed space into a healthy, sustainable garden full of greenery, blooming flowers and fragrances. A few key points on our proven system are listed below.  

1. Perennials bring diversity and beauty to any landscape space for any growing season. We can plant perennials that provide interest in all seasons. 

2. Mulch use will be decreased over time. Less mulch = less money and less weeds.

3. Planting plugs creates less ground disturbance – which is great for sites with steep slopes, poor access and erosion issues. 

4. We can get in and out of the job in a very short period of time with no mess. Plugs are easy to transport and plant, reducing disturbance, as well as transportation and labor costs.

5. Plug production allows for healthier root systems. Small plants with healthy root systems are able to adapt faster in our native soils and need less water and chemical fertilizers. Strong roots also help with erosion issues.

6. As the perennials grow they decrease mulch areas and the weeds are forced out.

7. Perennial plants are less labor and resource intensive to care for. Perennials require less pruning and potentially no harmful chemicals.

8. The perennials we plant are normally native plants which provide food and habitat for pollinators and birds.

9. The plants will show great growth results the first full growing season. Within two full growing seasons you will feel like they have been there for years. They will fill in and create a healthy, beautiful garden space like you only dreamed of.

With how cost effective, fast growing and problem solving this approach is we have never been so excited. Saving money while increasing curb appeal and providing a healthy sustainable garden is a powerful ROI. We hope you enjoy the before and after pictures showing how we can turn your landscape problems into opportunities.

It’s never been clearer, this is A Better Way and is changing how healthy landscapes are being planted and maintained at Strauser.